Ingredients: one-click shopping list

I made you some resources to help you spend a lot less time on the boring stuff and a lot more time making fabulous keto holiday recipes!

One thing that is really going to help you get organized and ready to start making fabulous holiday dishes is the one-click Shopping List.

Here is the shopping list for all the pantry staples used in The Keto for the Holidays Cookbook and The Keto Holiday Cooking Masterclass.

You won't need all of this at once - and depending on what recipes you decide to make - you might not need some of them at all, but this is a handy list to save you trawling through the whole cookbook to find out what the pantry staples are.

Check it out and use it every time you need something for your next holiday recipe masterpiece!

Almond Flour / Ground Almonds / Blanched Almond Meal (white) : almond flour

Almond Meal / Natural (or Raw) Almond Flour (speckled brown and white) : almond meal

Avocado Oil : avocado oil

Avocado Oil Spray : avocado oil spray

Cocoa Powder / Cacao : cocoa powder

Coconut Flour : coconut flour

Coconut Milk – THICK / Coconut Cream / Cream of Coconut : thick coconut milk

Coconut Oil : coconut oil

Coconut Oil Spray : coconut oil spray

Egg Whites – powdered : egg white powder

Erythritol : erythritol

Extracts / essences : extracts

Gelatin : Gelatin

Glucomannan Powder : konjac/glucomannan

Glycerin / glycerine : vegetable glycerine

Guar Gum : guar gum

Konjac Flour : konjac/glucomannan

Xanthan Gum : xanthan gum

Xylitol : xylitol

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